What are we?


The Institute is a recording studio/audio production suite/playspace just near Federation Square in downtown Melbourne, Australia.

Increasingly artists are looking for spaces that along with low cost can provide personal and sonic isolation, a raft of the best pre’s and some sharp mics. Together with a vibe reminiscent of L.A.Confidential and a whole host of toys on hand, not to mention the tales of a famed building, The Institute is a perfect place in which to shack up and complete your project and sonic experiments with ace gear at hand and for very little dough.

Essentially the experience is akin to making an adventurous record in someone’s cool loungeroom, only the gear is totally tip-top and wall-paper is way better.

Additionally, we can go to you. We have a mobile rig that can be customised to your needs and taken to where you may be.

– – –

The Institute has just turned ten! It relocated to Melbourne in late 2010 from Newcastle, NSW where it was initially established in an old bowling club.

It is run by D.A.Calf, a producer, engineer, musician and sound/installation artist. With a background in Sound Design, Sound Art/Installation, Theatre and live performance, he currently also moonlights as a guitarist/multi-instrumentalist in numerous bands including Mike Noga BandSingle Twin, Sal Kimber & The Rollin’ Wheel, Near Myth & The General Assembly and as sound designer/composer and one half of experimental theatre company The Guerrilla Museum.

The Institute is powered by 100% sustainable means.

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